NSI in the News
12/01/05: December 2005 Issue Boating Magazine pg. 96 "Bathy Time" by Lenny Rudow.
10/01/05: October 2005 Issue Offshore pg. 88, "Fishing in 3D" by Ben Ellison.
07/01/05: September 2005 Issue Power and Motor Yacht pg. 46, "Behind the Screens" by Ben Ellison.
04/01/05: April 2005 Issue Boating Magazine "The Lost Bomber of Lake Meade" by Kevin Falvey.
12/05/03: Download Terrain Fingerprint Lite. Free Spatial Analyst tool.
11/24/03: Just Released - Terrain Fingerprint Workstation for $1199.99. Free FedEx 2-Day delivery!
11/19/03: Just Released - Nationwide NED\NLCD data set for $899.99. Format is USGS BIL. Delivered on DVD. Free FedEx 2-Day Shipping!